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Podgas.comAs stated in the footer, Podgas began as a joke and sister site to Podtrash (PT), and was created by myself, BillyBob. Currently I do not podcast on PT but I consider myself a ‘member’ in that I’ve been around since the WDM days and am a regular listener and purveyor of juicy bits. I'm a true news junky by heart, on a daily basis I read and watch way too many news stories. So much in fact that it’s probably not that healthy. You have to trudge through so much bad just to get a little bit good, uhg. But what the fuck can you do about it when news is your vice, besides stop reading it altogether. Well, one thing that could be done was to make my own entertainment and news kind of site, which is built around (at least in part) my other vice, which is PT.

Stop acting so stupid

So if you’re reading this thanks for stopping by, feel free to contact PG about anything you’d like and you may do so anonymously. Just remember there’s no sense in telling me personal shit about other people or doxing others. I don’t give a shit about that stuff, and PG will respect people’s privacy. Have a hell of a day and may the gash be with you.

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