Podtrash Hero Emerges - Likeability Survey Exposed!

Likeability Survey Results ExposedOn the backend of the site, you can see if someone entered more than once for the same person, that was the first issue this breakdown corrects and the biggest one. For the second and last issue this breakdown addresses, you have to keep in mind that a ‘very strongly disagree’ is equal to zero, and ‘very strongly agree’ is equal to 6. In order to obtain more accurate results and eliminate the obvious padding, all entries that are “perfect” or perfect with one 5, or entries that are “perfectly bad”, or perfectly bad with one 1, are eliminated. There were not very many entries that fell into any of these categories, overall less than 4% of the 329 entries were effected, but eliminating the verified padding paints a more realistic picture of what people chose, so it’s worth reporting.

Two PT’ers in particular saw the largest percentage changes with eliminating the padded entries, PT’er Chucksteak and Janella. Chucksteak had 4 “perfect” type of entries removed due to them being made by the same person. To note, this is not to say you did that for yourself Chucksteak, so relax. It’s just that it is verified that someone did. For PT’er Janella, she received a lot of padded 0’s from the same persons/people, so those entries were eliminated. If anyone would like 3rd party confirmation on anything in this article, feel free to contact us and we will provide it. Read more to see the results.

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Podtrash Likeability Survey

This Survey has ended, thanks for playing!!

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You Said What?

Write it the way you see it.We thought we put our open invitation on this site for anyone who might want to write an article to publish on Podgas. This is not a request for articles, it is an invitation we made awhile back in response to a specific criticism we received about an alleged bias perceived in a past article or articles, although no specific article was highlighted.

So whether there is something you disagree with posted here, or you have something new, weird or interesting you want to write about, feel free to send it. The subject of any article would be up to whomever wrote it. All submissions we receive we’ll publish, so long as it meets a few basic requirements. One, it has to at least make some kind of sense, and two, that it fits into one of the categories at the top of the page (menu bar). We would also consider adding to the above categories, so long as there’s enough stuff to put in it.

All authors will be accredited by name at the top of their article. For article submissions, you can use the Podgas Twitter, or our Contact page, or you can email it. We'll provide an email address upon request through the Contact page. For any article submitted, please include some images to go along with it. You don’t have to, but it can help get the point of your article across. As far as images go, preferably use big ones, like 700 pixels wide (or more). Upsizing small images (low quality) makes things ugly. A quick tip, if you use Google Image search, click on ‘Tools’ at the top, then under ‘Size’ choose ‘Large’. That will get rid of most of the shitty ones.

The Podgas Pink Elephant

Podgash Defies HPE Legal Action & Drops the 'H'

No more PodgashIn protest of the recent HPE legal actions, Podgash has decided to drop the ‘H’ from its domain name. We would have dropped the ‘P’ also, but ‘Odgas’ makes no sense.

Okay we were joking about the reason, but seriously though, Podgash has undergone a little bit of an internal face lift, which has nothing to do with any of the characters on the network. The other domain (Podgash) may not load until the redirect kicks in. Most returning visitors probably won’t even notice, but dropping the ‘H’ in Podgash was a no brainer. One, it’s a SIX letter URL versus a 7 letter URL, and two, it references a fart joke. You see, in the .com world, a six letter URL is hard to come by, at least ones that makes any kind of phonetic sense, so we considered ourselves lucky that domain was still available. Although with the new website extensions available nowadays (i.e. .health, .play, .reality, .hot, etc.) it is easy to find a good URL with an extensions other than .com.

In keeping a .com domain in mind, as well as the Google announcement made in late 2016, we thought it best to address several needed changes. We have secured the website using SSL (Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS). Like many websites are doing nowadays, this is in response to the Google announcement we referenced, and in that announcement they stated that they were making a change in their search engine algorithm and all websites that are SSL secured, will maintain and advantage over those that are not. You can read about that HERE. Also, when you consider that our internet privacy rights were recently signed away by our political representatives, securing a website with SSL (HTTPS) becomes even more important.

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Podtrasher Receives Communities First Cease & Desist Order


April 7th, 2017 was a monumental day in the history of the Podtrash network, as is was the day of the first, of what may become many, cease and desist letters that was issued against a Podtrasher. The lucky winner of this cease and desist letter was JonTheMagicGuy (JTMG), a PT show host and well-known community member. JTMG was sent this letter by High Pitch Eric’s (HPE) lawyers and he received the email version of it on April 12th, 2017. JTMG revealed this news on PT’s brand new shiny morning show called the Neil Thomas Show, which features BoBoFromCA and airs every Thursday at 9am PST and noon EST. The show was not available for download by the time this article went up or we would comment on it, but our initial impressions are still in. Which are, that BoBo is probably one of those slow people at providing the network his MP3. Not good BoBo, not good at all.

The letter in question was actually sent via FedEx and had the wrong city and address on it, which is the reason why on-air recently, HPE told Wush he needed some PT’ers email address. Wush apparently complied with HPE’s request for JTMG’s information, as JTMG received the letter via email shortly afterwards. As he stated during a PG interview, he believed that Wush was unaware why HPE wanted his email address, although Wush did joke about it on-air immediately after the request by giving a warning to whomever had this email coming, to “beware”. We are not sure which show this Wush and HPE conversation took place, but we did ask the powers that be which show it can be heard on. At the time of this articles publication, we have not received clarification, although I did personally listen to that live broadcast. If I do recall correctly, concerning the joke Wush said after HPE’s request, he specifically mentions it was probably a cease and desist letter. That is not to say he had any idea about why HPE wanted JTMG’s email address, it is just that his half-joking declaration about the nature of HPE’s request, would turn out to be true.

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Mad Max Throws On-Air Temper Tantrum

The Mad Max MeltdownWhat a fine fine Friday evening it was, I started listening to the first of Podtrash’s (PT) Friday evening shows, The High Pitch Eric Show, and all seemed good. The show started with Gonzo telling Eric he was glad he was back after last week, because Eric had said he was going to quit the show, or take a ‘mental health’ break. Evidently through the week Eric had reflected on that, and he said that “The four of us are a team, we’re a power team. We’re the Power Rangers and we have to stick together as a team”. It wasn’t clear to me at that time who the fourth person was that Eric referred to, because there were only 3 host on the show, but Chad (AKA Pun Boy) did actually take credit for Eric not quitting early in the week through a call into a different PT show, where he stated that he had talked Eric out of quitting. Pun Boy reportedly has Eric’s ear and talks to him regularly on his show, and has been known to manipulate him on numerous occasion since Joey passed away and Eric started his own show. So the subject of the manipulations to which I refer, are ones that have to do with Eric’s PT show. With Eric’s show clips having now been played on Howard Stern’s show, Eric is more of a ‘Howard’ connection for those who have a predisposition towards the importance of Howard in their lives. Regardless though, the whole Pun Boy and Eric dynamic often seems to play back into the PT network and Eric’s show somehow. According to sources, Pun Boy's Eric manipulation game, which is done on-air under the guise of comedy, is done on a pretty regular basis or when the on-air opportunity arises. And no, I don’t listen to that podcast, not since the 2nd one that was related to the Pun boy & PT breakup drama and the resulting hurt feelings. But so what, it’s none of anyone’s business what one person says to or how one treats another (unless you care about one of them), besides those people who are involved. It’s all a big game with at least the intention of being entertaining, so should anyone really take issue with what happens between them? Let the boys play I say, so long as no one gets hurt or loses an eye (or a show), then it's all good. Whatever the case is, Eric’s power ranger comparison was pretty funny and I thought the show was off to a good start, with Jolie and Gonzo also seeming to be happy go lucky. Eric said if he quits then the haters win and he told Jolie that, “We are strong people, and can’t let the haters get to us”. Then Eric told us about his 4X - Winners Never Quit tee-shirt. Eric didn’t know it at the time, but his statements would become ironic, as he would say later that he was quitting the show for good as was Jolie, which would be in response to Max’s forthcoming tantrum.

So I set off to get some red wine with the intention of coming home and drinking some and listening to the HPE show as well as Wush’s show afterwards. I’m on a little bit of a red wine kick because they say that it’s healthy, and by healthy they mean 2 small glasses of it and not the whole bottle. Opps. I don’t know about you, but there is no such thing as 2 glasses of wine for me unless I were to break the bottle on accident after 2 glasses and couldn’t get more. Anyway, I returned home about 25 or 30 minutes later and clicked the play button for the show and all hell was breaking loose. Max was yelling at some chic who was a caller as well as Jolie, with small amounts of anger shrapnel hitting anyone who addressed him, and I had no idea what started it. Sure the rant was mesmerizing to hear, but without a frame of reference for how it all started, it was also disturbing to listen to. Like seeing a train wreck, it was hard to 'not' pay attention to, but I was hoping in the end everyone would be okay. What the hell had these girls done to bring out Mad Max’s fit?

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WTF is Russiagate & is it Real?

WTF is Russiagate?**Story update ONE:

**Story update TWO:

**Story update THREE:

I know what you might be thinking, what’s the source. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that part. First, this article is about a tweeted breakdown (Mega-Thread) of events in chronological order of the activities and players involved that has led to the FBI’s investigation into Trump and his associates, and the ties to Russia those individual may have. It’s comprehensive (for Twitter) and includes key players in Trump’s administration that are under investigation as well as ‘behind the scenes’ revelations and an explanation of the murders that have taken place so far.

So why post this on Podgas? I’ll tell you why, it’s because politics are constantly being discussed EVERYWHERE to include Podtrash (our sister site), whether the topic is about Trump or his associates or about Hillary or about the media, EVERYONE is talking about it. As far as the regular PT listeners go, we pretty much know where most hosts stand politically, as well as regular callers, but often there’s more ad hominin statements about certain political persons than any real substantive discussion, and PT is no different than the real world in that regard, we often hear too much bloviating and not enough actual information. We’ve become almost immune to "Breaking News" because we see it so often, but that’s not to say there isn’t REAL breaking news that’s happening, right now! So what is the BIG picture? That’s what I want to know, and my understanding of it is better now than it was 4 hours ago thanks to the author of the breakdown of events that we're highlighting. Who knows, maybe it’ll help someone else understand things a little better too. Hell we’re all going to discuss this shit anyway, why not be a little more informed.

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The Wush & Chad Finale

The Podtrash Baby ChadOn Tuesday Feb. 28th Wush & Chad had what appears to be their final Podtrash brawl. If you read about the last dispute which we covered HERE, then you’ll understand what went down Tuesday evening was just the inevitable conclusion for this relationship. The spat started off with Wush reacting to Chad’s continuing request to post his show. From there it went back and forth with Chad saying he could do it himself if he had front page access, then Wush pointing out that Chad shits on everyone all the time, causes too much negativity and he doesn’t want the home page feed (features most recent 10 shows) to be all Chad shows. Chad responded by insinuating Wush was a prick and listing several reasons why that might be, which were as follows;

  • “...I have opinions about other shows?
  • “...I like the Stern Show?
  • “...I have free time to do a podcast and/or hang out in this chat?

Podtrah - A differnt kind of autistic community

Eventually Chad conceded to Wush’s frustration and said he would take his show elsewhere, and it’s been reported but not confirmed the name of that place is called “Inter-Netobscurity”. After their rambunctious chat back and forth, PT’s JDummy got on-air for an impromptu DummySan podcast while asking Wush & Chad to call in so that they could either have it out or kiss and make up. Both called in (separately for the most part) but nothing new really came up. There were no handshakes, hugs or blows landed, and overall both seemed at peace with the final outcome, which is that Chad is no longer a PT host. Despite JDummy’s broadcasting gremlins, it seemed closure was had by both. We’ll have to wait and see I guess, but I’d put $10 on Wush and Chad sparring again in Chat. Maybe we’ll see something reminiscent of the epic Wush and Joey Chat fights, those were legendary! Although they often ended the same, with Joey repeating that Robyn was a whore and Wush repeating that Joey was a walrus.

The Pink Elephant Award

We live in a community of people not so that we can suppress and dominate eachother or make each other miserable but so that we can better and more reliably satisfy all life's healthy needs.” ~ Wilhelm Reich

Okay since we have the main highlights out of the way, I think it’s relevant at this time to address Chad directly with a personal message. I think that’s only fair since he dedicated a whole show to Podgas several weeks ago. We considered writing a story about it at the time, but let’s be honest, that show wasn’t very funny either. That show and his subsequent statements followed 3 main talking points. One, PG’s proverbial mouth is fellating PT’s proverbial cock, two, it’s “fake” news, and three, they must be cucks. During the last few weeks while listening to Chad’s interactions with several different PT’ers that were either on his show, or the shows he called in to, one thing really stood out to me more than anything else. For that I feel like I owe Chad a debt of gratitude. So thank you, Chad. Your actions gave me the opportunity to hear several of my fellow PT community members stick up for me, people who I think are an important part of this dysfunctional community that I love. It felt good hearing those people saying nice things about myself in response to you. That’s one of the biggest reasons to be part of a community in the first place, the support it offers to those who are a part of it. Now PT’s community support may not always be ideal, but when it comes down to it I think there is a genuine feeling of community on PT. Being a part of it is as easy as just choosing to participate (yes they give participation trophies). Maybe there's an old saying that could be molded to fit this situation, "Dont' shit where you eat."

Podtrash’s 2017 Drama Bowl, WTF happened?

Podtrash's resident not doctorsI admit I wasn’t very motivated to write up this article about the events that transpired during Podtrash's 2017 Drama Bowl, because this one would require a lot of post-listening. We missed most of the live content because of a Super Bowl party, but thanks to Chucksteak's elegant and inspiring tweet before this article's first words hit 'paper’, I figured maybe an in depth look at what went down might be worth it. After all, if the events elicit drunken anger then there has to be some juicy bits somewhere.

First off, this latest Booney, Wush and Chad drama that aired on Super Bowl Sunday night, was way too complicated in how it played out for just a simple explination. These interpersonal conflicts (meaning Booney & Chad’s issues with Wush & his against them) were covered in 3 separate broadcasts! That’s like 3 separate arguments aired independently. None of those inconsiderate bastards showed respect for conciseness when it came PT's 2017 Drama Bowl. So yeah, thanks a lot for that you sons of bitches.

So for the First Half of Drama Bowl Sunday, it went down on Booney’s ‘I’m drawing Chad’s head again’ Twitch broadcast. I think that was Part 4 of that series, but I digress. So what did we learn from this broadcast? Well, Chad absolutely does not care for Wush as a person, and he thinks he’s an insane asshole, and Wush absolutely thinks Chad’s a disingenuous condescending know-it-all that can’t take criticism and is a pathological liar. So yeah, the meat of Drama Bowl 2017 was in this first broadcast.

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Chuck’s Take with Chucksteak Hits a Home Run

Chuck's Take with Chucksteak hits a home runWhat a great show, and refreshing in my humble opinion. It was really nice to hear Booney and Chucksteak stepping up their content game for their new Chuck’s Take with Chucksteak (CTwithCS) podcast, which aired Sunday evening, January 29th at 9pm EST on Podtrash. As far as the news and Podgas goes, we don’t intend to write a story about every show that airs, that's not sustainable or much fun, but this normally scheduled broadcast was an exception. And there’s no need for an in-depth analysis, because as any person who has listened to all or most of their shows would agree, the effort in stepping up their game was clear. One notable fundamental difference was the show length, it concluded naturally and was closer to 90 minutes than an hour, as compared to other shows that were an hour or less and ended abruptly in anger. A simple way to put it is, that this was the crème de la crèm of CTwithCS shows, at least considering the recent past.

To highlight a few of the homeruns, one was a caller from Boston named Chuck from Boston (CfromB), who is a caller to several PT shows and a pretty funny dude. His confusion about what the fuck is actually happening is always funny, but CfromB really knows more than he lets on to, as evident by the fact he pointed out to Booney what he should have done during his Twitch-gate steam. CfromB's call ended with him saying he was going to contact Wush of PT about starting a new podcast on the network. With content and variety being the key in the network game, let's just hope that's more than a pipe dream.

There was another caller to the show named Sidewynder, who was introduced as Chuck and Booney’s uncle and a military veteran. The topic turned to guns, self-protection and combat in general with Sidewynder offering his fascinating perspective on weapons, and one that came from, as he referenced, having used them in directly combat or having them used against him. They didn’t get into the specifics of Sidewyner’s service (hopefully more to come), but Sidewynder did mention that it was 30 years ago. Using our military time line, that would date his service back to Desert Shield or Desert Storm. As a side note, our dearly departed Joey severed during this time, as did myself. Although I don’t claim ‘combat experience’, as I went the Navy route, where barrel duty was the biggest threat.

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