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The C person on the CMZ shows quits!

Podtrash's ChadBreaking: The C in CMZ, known on Podtrash as Chad from St. Loius, announced that he has quit the CMZ show. The PT community lets out a simultaneous, ear shattering roar of approval. Podgas has obtained that audio and it can be heard below:

During the Wush & Boon Show (W&B) on January 13th at approximately 8:45pm EST Chad informed the PT community (via his phone call) that he has quit the CMZ show and refuses to work with Maxxxwell any further. Chad expressed his confusion to Wush, as to why Maxxx gets a “pass” on the network for everything and “can do no wrong”. He also asked Wush, “How can you let him continue on this network...”, which was in reference to a recent rant by his former co-host Maxxx. During that rant Maxxx had disparaging words to say about Robyn, Wush’s girlfriend, for which Maxxx later halfheartedly apologized for. As Maxxx has alluded to, it happened during an excessive button pushing exercise by his former co-host Chad.

Shortly afterwards Chad exclaimed in PT chat that, “...podtrash 'cofounders' absolutely do not appreciate any of my work on the network”. Chad then began to criticize the live show airing, that he had just gotten off the phone with, expressing that the new original bit they were doing was too boring but might make a good bumper. Chad then notified PT chat that he was doing a new show called, “The Chad Show, Puns in the Bum” or something like that.

The Podtrash CMZ Backstabbing