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Podtrash Hero Emerges - Likeability Survey Exposed!

Likeability Survey Results ExposedOn the backend of the site, you can see if someone entered more than once for the same person, that was the first issue this breakdown corrects and the biggest one. For the second and last issue this breakdown addresses, you have to keep in mind that a ‘very strongly disagree’ is equal to zero, and ‘very strongly agree’ is equal to 6. In order to obtain more accurate results and eliminate the obvious padding, all entries that are “perfect” or perfect with one 5, or entries that are “perfectly bad”, or perfectly bad with one 1, are eliminated. There were not very many entries that fell into any of these categories, overall less than 4% of the 329 entries were effected, but eliminating the verified padding paints a more realistic picture of what people chose, so it’s worth reporting.

Two PT’ers in particular saw the largest percentage changes with eliminating the padded entries, PT’er Chucksteak and Janella. Chucksteak had 4 “perfect” type of entries removed due to them being made by the same person. To note, this is not to say you did that for yourself Chucksteak, so relax. It’s just that it is verified that someone did. For PT’er Janella, she received a lot of padded 0’s from the same persons/people, so those entries were eliminated. If anyone would like 3rd party confirmation on anything in this article, feel free to contact us and we will provide it. Read more to see the results.

Accurate Likeability Survey Results

Entries meeting this criteria removed;

  • Any entry where the submitter made more than ONE entry for a given person
  • Any entry where the submitter entered for themselves
  • Any entry that was all 0’s and/or ten zeros with one, 1
  • Any entry that was all 6’s and/or ten 6’s with one, 5

You can choose whichever results you’d like to accept, the raw data or filtered data, but either way, this breakdown is a more accurate reflection of the data everyone submitted, because it eliminates verified entries made to ‘cheat’ the results. Due to the large number of entries we received, most PT’ers overall numbers remained unchanged from the raw data, but 25% of the 36 PT’ers surveyed did see a change in their overall score (9 PT’ers).

To address another statistical argument, say JonTheMagicGuy (JTMG) says, “but I really did very strongly disagree on everything”. While maybe he’s being honest, you have to consider that there are in fact, verified padding entries that have an effect on several PT’ers, both “good” and “bad”, and correcting that is more significant to the accuracy of the results than say, having a 7% HPE tee shirt made (maybe). The only way to correct for the erroneous survey data, while maintaining fairness, is to apply any data rule equally across the board. Don’t worry though Jon, I’m sure the 15% (14.83%) HPE tee shirts will be fine.

Survery Results changes highlighted in yellow.

*Update: Explained things further HERE

*Correction: Matt Denton's #'s were incorrectly switched between the 2 tables, which has been corrected now. He saw an increase in percentage not a decrease.