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Podtrasher Receives Communities First Cease & Desist Order


April 7th, 2017 was a monumental day in the history of the Podtrash network, as is was the day of the first, of what may become many, cease and desist letters that was issued against a Podtrasher. The lucky winner of this cease and desist letter was JonTheMagicGuy (JTMG), a PT show host and well-known community member. JTMG was sent this letter by High Pitch Eric’s (HPE) lawyers and he received the email version of it on April 12th, 2017. JTMG revealed this news on PT’s brand new shiny morning show called the Neil Thomas Show, which features BoBoFromCA and airs every Thursday at 9am PST and noon EST. The show was not available for download by the time this article went up or we would comment on it, but our initial impressions are still in. Which are, that BoBo is probably one of those slow people at providing the network his MP3. Not good BoBo, not good at all.

The letter in question was actually sent via FedEx and had the wrong city and address on it, which is the reason why on-air recently, HPE told Wush he needed some PT’ers email address. Wush apparently complied with HPE’s request for JTMG’s information, as JTMG received the letter via email shortly afterwards. As he stated during a PG interview, he believed that Wush was unaware why HPE wanted his email address, although Wush did joke about it on-air immediately after the request by giving a warning to whomever had this email coming, to “beware”. We are not sure which show this Wush and HPE conversation took place, but we did ask the powers that be which show it can be heard on. At the time of this articles publication, we have not received clarification, although I did personally listen to that live broadcast. If I do recall correctly, concerning the joke Wush said after HPE’s request, he specifically mentions it was probably a cease and desist letter. That is not to say he had any idea about why HPE wanted JTMG’s email address, it is just that his half-joking declaration about the nature of HPE’s request, would turn out to be true.

PG has reviewed a copy of this cease and desist letter and besides the standard legal jargon, it requests that JTMG cease and desist with the sale of four tee shirts, which JTMG allegedly joked about making in the past. The digital version of these tee shirts were created using a popular phone app called Snaptee, and we have verified through JTMG that no actual shirts were purchased through the app, and none made. Since legally speaking this would be easy to prove or disprove, we trust this information is correct. We’ve investigated JTMG’s profile on Snaptee and there were no tee-shirt images available to view or purchase, and according to JTMG himself, anything he’s designed through that app was never public and always set to private. So in other words, the app itself was not reportedly used for “sharing” anything. The alleged images of these virtual tee shirts in question were reportedly used to troll HPE on Twitter, but it seems things didn’t go beyond that. The four alleged tee shirts this cease and desist letter addresses had the following captions;

  • Feeble Minded
  • Jolie’s cuck boy
  • Chad is my puppet master
  • I am ready Chad

Part of the Story.In particular, this letter calls out the alleged tee shirt with the caption ‘I am ready Chad’ because it was said to have a naked image of HPE. All of the images in question have been reported to us to include the alleged tee shirt image the letter singles out. That image was from a televised Howard Stern show appearance where HPE elected to get naked in front of the cameras, and it shows HPE's glorious backside. We have also verified that all of the images reportedly used, can be found through a single Google image search. While we do not recommend searching for them, you can see the results of such a type of Google search **ADULTS ONLY** HERE. Mr. High Pitch is quite prolific at public nudity it seems, as he has shown his naked bits in many public situations to include but not limited to, a pornographic gangbang video in which he participated. That video is available on You Porn, and I suppose we should link it as well. It was disseminated publicly many years ago, but with everyone calling everything fake news nowadays, it’s best to report the facts. Remember this is an **18 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE ONLY** link with adult content, and it can be viewed HERE. Do not say I did not warn you though, because visually speaking it may not be what one is used to seeing. Except PT’s John Booney of course, because he is into the BBW stuff. You know what they say though; if you got it flaunt it.

PG has obtained a screen shot of the text messages sent from Eric to Wush in regards to HPE’s request for JTMG’s email address. We have asked permission to show that image directly, but we believe Podtrash is sleeping now, so we may have an update on that later. Remember though, the news sleeps for no one! What we will say is that the final text that can be seen coming from HPE, is one that wishes death to JTMG. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling Eric didn’t mention that part to his lawyers.

Adding credibility to the text screen caps we’re referring to, is the fact that similarly themed HPE Twitter DM screen caps came to light in early April, and they show HPE echoing this same death wish but to another PT community member named Janella. In that Twitter DM exchange, HPE threatens her with his lawyer and also wishes death upon her. After the death wish statement, HPE called her several derogatory names and eventually apologized for his messages. Those DM’s have been publically posted on Twitter and can be seen HERE. Considering HPE’s public record in the NYC court system where he’s been in trouble more than once for making threats or “harassing” others through spoken or typed communications, one would think that he would know better than to engage in this activity. We’ll have to wait and see if he chooses to do so again.

We asked JTMG to comment on this story to which he replied, "Fuck that feeble-minded gasbag, fuck him and that Chad he rode in on. What a maroon.

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