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Instead of Show, Booney Gives Podtrash Network the Finger

Booney with a censored somethingBreaking: On Sunday Jan. 22nd at approximately 9pm EST PT’er John Booney decided his scheduled Sunday show Chuck’s Take with ChuckSteak on Podtrash, must NOT go on. Booney cited reasons which involved ChuckSteak not wanting to do the show because of football. Instead of broadcasting on PT, Booney decided to go live on his Twitch channel during what would have been the Chuck’s Take time slot, while advertising his Twitch channel on PT and repeatedly asking the PT community for broadcast quality feedback. The show cancelation and following self-promotion by Booney received a quick response from the PT community and powers that be. Wush stated in chat, "it can be done much better without twitch", then proceeded to go live on You Tube streaming games while simulcasting through PT and taking Skype calls from PT listeners.

On-air Wush responded to Booney’s actions by clarifying, if it wasn’t for Booney advertising on PT he wouldn’t have had the 2 viewers he had, which was in reference to Booney’s first Twitch attempt which ended in technical difficulties. Booney did restart his steam and Podgas observed the stream was good quality for a time, albeit for a 23-year-old game played on Booney’s Windows Vista computer.

You mad bro?

Wush discussed the issue on-air pointing out some of the obvious problems with the events that transpired and eventually Booney’s brother and co-host ChuckSteak called in. ChuckSteak and Wush discussed what went down with ChuckSteak’s main point being, to complain about the people complaining while stating, "Instead of you guys complaining, if you’re so worried about a show then go live and do one". After ChuckSteak’s call, Wush stated that things were, “just not working out” between him and Booney because Booney always seems to have issues that get in the way.

After a time Booney called into Wush’s live stream where Wush did most of the talking, pointing out several issues he had with him, the most important being that they should both just move on for now. Booney did try to make some points but they were not meet with an open ear. You can hear exclusive audio of this most recent Wush and Booney fight here;

After Booney’s call Wush’s vigor seemed to be renewed, he went on an extended explanation about how things always have to be Booney’s way and the results were not worth the effort, which he said was not fun and were exhausting.