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Podtrasher Makes Debut With New 'One-Off' Show

RDV Brings in Australian Day on PodtrashA long standing and solid member of the PT community and often heard caller into various PT shows, RDV the GIF maker and website guru from Australia, debuted a new show on PT on Wednesday January 25th at 7PM EST titled ‘Oz Day with RDV & Mates’. His show debut coincided with “Australia Day” (Jan. 26th there). Australia Day is apparently some type of country wide circle jerk that celebrates that people are in fact, born in Australia sometimes. Although further clarification on that could be provided by RDV himself.

RDV was joined by his Australian lady friend (not that kind, he’s married), and “on-air virgin” named Pippa. Pippa is known in PT circles through her occasional appearance on PT Chat and her friendship on Titter with various PT’ers. In real life Pippa works with deaf children and adults and her communication prowess was evident during the talking portions of the show. She was clear, concise and contributed to the on-air the conversations like a vetran. As a side note, it’s rumored that her secret ‘pet peeve’ is when people say, huh.

RDV’s show was a ‘one off’ type of broadcast meant to highlight Australian music culture, and other Aussie stuff, but as Pippa stated, “I think RDV has the bug”. However, what she says cannot always be taken at face value, as evident by the fact that she uses non-words like “Vegemite, Lamingtons and Bundy Rum”. Either way though, I think it’s obvious that the PT community wants more RDV shows, it’s just a matter of whether he can pull himself away from his unhealthy bird obsession long enough to do a show. Oh, and there is the whole wife and kids’ thing that he claims comes into play, but let’s be honest, it’s all about those fucking birds.