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Rebooted Show Airs & Ted is out of Weed

Rebooted Show Airs & Ted is out of WeedOn Thursday night, January 26th at 8PM EST, Maxxx, Zach and the new co-host Ted Trendy aired their new rebooted show on Podtrash. The show formerly known as CMZ is now called Pork Chop Express. One of the first things that Maxxx addressed was the new co-host Ted, saying that they were going to keep Ted around for a few weeks to see how things work out. Ted was pretty quiet for the first 45 minutes or so but he eventually warmed up and found his way into the conversation.

The first hour of the show touched on the subject of politics and race, but the conversation was pretty low key as far as those topics go. There were no verbal beat downs and no one rage quit the show, so I guess that’s a positive, depending on your point of view. Ted did give an unfortunate update before the first break, turns out that times are a little tough at the moment, and he’s out of weed. He’s down to smoking his resin, and upon hearing that, Maxxxx immediately broke out into this full belly laugh kind of fit that created the most unusual sounding noises that this listener has ever heard. Just the mere fact a human being was capable of making these types of sounds was rather shocking, and it’s very difficult to describe. The closest I can come is to say it was like an extremely happy turkey, drowning in the open air as it was being burnt by a cigarette smoking horse. As Maxxx began to calm down, he seemed a little embarrassed about his “laugh”, and he’ll probably end up cutting that part out of the show. That is, if someone can show him how to do that. Regardless though, Podgas was able to use our expertise in investigative journalism to obtain a scientifically accurate reenactment of what the ‘Ted’s smoking resin’ laugh sounded like;

Rebooted Show Airs & Ted is out of WeedBy the end of the first hour the atmosphere of the old shows had returned, capped off by Frankie the Weather Guy’s weather report. Turns out it’s raining somewhere and things are wet, that Frankie has an intimate relationship with mother nature. Maybe incestuous (not confirmed), but definitely intimate.

The second hour of the show was mostly about food, seems Ted’s resin still causes the same munchies’ that Maxxx’s Kush does. One item of note during food hour was Zack’s eating habits, which he has talked about on previous shows. Basically he eats a lot of the same types of foods that young kids do, to include eating the actual young kids themselves. That was a Zach pedophile joke, brought to you by Zach, who’s is on his mid-30’s and has disclosed on-air his habit of dating high school girls.

The former co-host of CMZ, Chad, called in at the end of the 2nd hour. The conversation was mostly polite kind of stuff, but towards the end of his call he did take a jab at Ted by stating something like, ‘this Ted guy is not funny at all is he’. As Chad does a lot, he laughed alone awkwardly at his own joke, then followed it with an immediate ‘just busting balls’ apology. In the not so distant future I’m sure that Maxxx will let his true feelings be known about how things went down with CMZ, but tonight was just about getting back into the groove. Oh, and RVD called in at the very end to give his expert opinion that Kangaroos are in fact, very tasty.