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Roughy Puff Dead (19?? to 2015)

Roughy PuffAccording to Howard Stern caller ‘Gonzo’, the Stern show associated individual known as ‘Roughy Puff’ passed away sometime in mid-2015, although no obituary was associated with the report so it’s kind of unconfirmed. The only thing I personally know about Roughy Puff was that he was a salesmen and a good one (according to him), and he sold lots of copy machines and related items. If you’re not dead Roughy Puff, then screw you for lying, but if you are dead then may you R.I.P.

Roughy Puff can be heard on the earlier Joey Boots shows on Podtrash. Roughy always made Joey scream in frustration for talking over him, which was some really funny shit.